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.Performance Matters

An Enabling Environment

Working with Keyston

Keyston staff members experience all the benefits of working for a market leader in a dynamic industry, including career diversity, job satisfaction, excellent training and access to cutting edge resources.

Our ability to consistently perform at an exceptional level is reliant on the recruitment of exceptional people. We believe in motivating our employees to achieve maximum results, both personally and for the company.

This requires a stimulating and challenging work environment and financial rewards reflecting their actual value to the organisation. To most such demanding levels of excellence, we seek individuals with extraordinary characteristics.

  • A passion for digital and innovative thinking
  • The highest degree of integrity
  • An ongoing commitment to a philosophy of knowledge sharing
  • A high regard for collaboration and teamwork
  • A continuous pursuit of learning and personal development
  • The ability to excel in a culture of entrepreneurialism and performance achievement
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Keyston Address

Keyston Address

Keyston Distribution LLC
Building SZ-21 By Omniyat
Office Level 1 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai – UAE
Tel: +971 4 665 4700 | Fax: 971 4 665 4800
Working Hours

Working Hours

9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday
Keyston Care Centre

Keyston Care Centre

Keyston care is just a call or
e-mail away